Lincoln Castle Academy Named Sparx School of the Month!

Lincoln Castle Academy has rocketed to the top, earning the title of ‘Sparx School of the Month’ for January! This impressive achievement comes after the academy saw a remarkable 21 percentage point increase in deadline completion rates, jumping from 47% to a stellar 68%. But that’s not all… Year 10 students also saw a significant surge in homework engagement, with the number of assignments started spiking by an impressive 16 percentage points, climbing from 48% to a commendable 64%.

Standing out amongst a whopping 2347 schools using the Sparx platform, Lincoln Castle Academy’s dedication to maths excellence shines brightly. Sparx, a personalised math homework platform designed for secondary schools, has proven to be a valuable tool, empowering both students and teachers to achieve remarkable results.

“Lincoln Castle is delighted to receive the Sparx School of the Month award for January,” beams Mr. Roberts, Head of Maths at the academy. “Our students and staff have been very positive about Sparx and by working as a team we ensure that everyone receives the best support available to achieve 100% success. This, combined with a culture of praise and rewards, from individual students, to classes and year groups, has created a real ‘buzz’ and we are excited to see the positive impact it has on our students.”

The positive sentiment echoes throughout the student body. Millie R. shares, “Thanks to Sparx, I feel more confident at getting involved in class”, while Josh C. enthusiastically adds, “Our whole year group has got into it and we are rewarded when we complete our homework and do well.” Keaton T. chimes in, expressing his appreciation: “Sparx is amazing and it’s improving my grades. If I get stuck, the videos are really useful.”

Lincoln Castle Academy’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how dedication, collaboration, and the right tools can pave the way for academic achievement. With their commitment to embracing innovative learning solutions, the future looks bright for both the academy and its students.

Congratulations to Lincoln Castle Academy on their well-deserved recognition!